Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I forgot...

So I forgot, till I was sitting down and eating dinner with the hubby. I just started laughing.So I was sitting in 4th period today and we were talking about the differences between other cultures and ours. It is a lead into the story that we are going to be covering in class. We are having a great discussion when out of nowhere a student says, "Miss, doesn't E look like that skeleton guy?" "Um, who?" "You know that guy who was a skeleton and like laughed at everyone and slept in a coffin." Of course I am snickering at this point. "You mean, Tales From the Crypt? Or do you mean every skeleton ever to have laid in the ground?" "No, definitely Tales From the Crypt." "well, I look at this kid a little harder and I say, nope like Achmed the dead terrorist." Wouldn't you know it but this girl had to google who that was and then asks, "Who is Jeff Dunham?" "The guy with his hand in the skeleton's tuckis" A student gets up and silences the entire room. He says "No, he is the ventriloquist. I know that is a big word for some of you so I'll say it again, slower. Ven-tril-oquist." I want you to know that I almost died from laughter. I thought I was going to plummet from the desk and fall to the ground. Are these kids kidding me? What goes through their minds? I am talking interesting conversation and I get he looks like a skeleton? HELLO?! Please just kill me now!

PS. Thank you to Jeff Dunham and Achmed the dead terroist for making this discussion possible. He is the man!

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