Monday, September 13, 2010

And it begins again....

Hi everyone, and when I say everyone, I mean the three of you faithful followers. So it has begun again, the school year. I have different students this year and some of the old ones, which is not saying much. School beginnings have been tough and difficult and very stressful. I can not begin to tell you, I think I am losing hair. And I know that my stupid liver is failing based on the long hours and the all time consuming school work.
Has there been stupid questions, of course there has, I mean it is school after all. So, I have been already asked the stupid question,"Do I really need to put my name on this?" No, it's alright, don't put your name on it, but then again, you also don't get a grade on it either. Oh, I see, says the student, I guess I should put my name on it then. Yes good choice! I swear sometimes these children make you drink.
The other good news is that these kids are still excited to be here, I give it a few more weeks when they are really into the swing of things. Until then there is only 160 more days of school left:)