Wednesday, May 12, 2010

um, hello?

So, here we are, May 2010. School closes in like three weeks for summer vacation and I am breathing deep sighs of relief, except for a few things still nagging at my thoughts. I assigned this research paper and one of the sources this girl used was the Bible. She wanted to know how to cite it. I asked her, "Who wrote the bible?" She replies, "Jesus, he wrote it!" After I stopped laughing and pulled myself together, I told her, "No, he didn't write the bible. But he did have something to do with it." She looks at me and the light bulb goes off over her head. She looks at me and laughs and then says, "Oh Yeah, Mary wrote it." I walked away from her because I could not contain myself. Where in the bible is the book of Mary? Did I miss that chapter? I mean we have got Job and Psalms and Revelations but no where is there Mary. Maybe it is a long lost chapter that we don't know about. Or maybe it is in the bible of the cult that she is in. I don't know. I received papers that at the end of them says, "I love you, Miss Jacobs! This was all my work!" Children, young people, maybe you should completely think before you write your papers. It is not customary to kiss the teachers butt when writing. It is not going to get you anywhere. I am still not budging.

Update on the band, there was a practice going on and one of the members had to be replaced or is on a binge in Africa. At least that is what I have been told. He is re-cooping in rehab for a small drinking problem. The rest of the band believes that is really a sex addiction. Me, I think they are all crazy and that the end of the year has grabbed them and they have lost their minds.

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