Sunday, May 9, 2010


So when they say that a teacher's job is finished on the weekends, they lied. Whoever the freaking people are anyway. So I take 7 students to Orlando to go to this awards ceremony. I think that it is going to be a great time except for the fact we waited an hour and ten minutes for the bus to get us from the high school. We sat together and laughed and bonded. It was nice. So anyway, we head up to Orlando and we sit down in the auditorium and we are accosted with this negative individual who needs to make sure they grow up. The kids were very angry with this gentleman. A person who is supposed to be an inspirational speech getting kids to go to college. He is supposed to push these students to be the best that they can be and instead succeeded in alienating all my kids. He says things like "role models are trash and you shouldn't have them." I'm sorry. Wait a minute, am I not a role model. Aren't I supposed to be inspiring my children to do great things? JERK! So what do my loving children do? They text me during the presentation.."Help us, your teen achievers!" I snort with laughter. We then go off to lunch and get some nice food. "Make sure all the kids eaten first." Eaten? Hello? It's make sure the kids eat first. For Christmas sake?! No wonder these kids don't speak English well. I finally get food, I think it was three string beans and a piece of chicken. I walk towards the table and they clap as I walk toward them. Cheering about how I am a great role model. I LOVE MY KIDS! They do learn something, I do inspire them and some of them I don't even have as students. They make me smile.

I think the moral of the story is this, that not everything you do is hysterical funny or hysterical sad, sometimes these kids actually move me. (I don't mean like actually pick me up and move me, but emotionally move me.) No matter what "inspirational" person is supposed to be speaking, kids can see right through you when you are fake, so be real. Be a role model.


  1. They should pay you extra for being a teacher AND a role model at the same time...especially since many teachers are probably neither!