Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And the end is near!!!

Hello, it has been three weeks since my last confession. I am going to need at least three hail Maries and holy dear lord in heaven. Is that even how it goes? I don't know, I am not Catholic. Which leads me to my next topic. So, I have this student who one day out of nowhere asks "Why is there never a female pope? I mean they can do it just as good if not better than a man!" I, of course stop teaching for the moment and look at her dumbfounded. "There is only a guy pope. In the Catholic religion, they don't have a lot of female priests, those we would call nuns!" The class laughs and then she replies, "I will be the first popette!" I thought I would fall off my chair and die. Isn't she Catholic? I mean come on, even I know that. Even the Jewish friends I have know that. PLEASE!

Same vain, she says...at least two days later. "Miss, do you know Chook Norosis?" I am deadpan, the kids stop. They look at her and a boy says, "Do you mean Chuck Norris?" "Yeah, I mean him! Who is he?" I thought that the kids were going to kill her. There were shouts of defiance, menace and of course stupidity. Kids were yelling, how do you not know who that is. I just threw my hands up and walked away. I think that I am out..I can not her. I can only hope that someone takes pity on her when she goes tot he 12th grade or college and helps her adjust to normal life. On the other hand, I could begin to make money off of her..you know those bracelets...WWJD, instead it would be WESS. What would E say. I could make a mint off of her. HMMM?! This is sounding more and more promising.

Well, in just a few days time I will be out for summer vacation. Well not really I kind of got guilt-ed into summer school. It's good for me, the money, the kids, the money! Then my summer can begin and I can go to St. Lucia with the hubby and the fam..WOOHOO!

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