Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where does the time go?

So, I have been MIA for the entire week. I have sort of been hoodwinked into being a site coordinator for the YMCA at the high school that I teach. Everyone said it would be fabulous, great! You are going to have a wonderful time! What they neglected to tell me is that I would have to drive all over god's creation or as I like to say Bosnia. (Of course, my dean today laughed at me and said I probably couldn't even pick it out on the map! I laughed, she laughed the AP laughed! Hot Mess!) Anyway, driving all over god's creation so that I could get fingerprinted because as I was told "We don't share!" Oh so we don't play well with others in the sand box? For cripes sake, my fingerprints are the same, it is not like I change them every few weeks to disguise my true identity. (oops, did I say that out loud, now I will have to disappear!) I had to get drug tested..fortunately for me I was clean. Good thing I stopped juicing with the vitamin C I take..it might have been flagged for having a good immune system. Why you ask am I going through this insanity? I am taking 7 students to Tallahassee, FL to take them on college tours. Did I say this weekend? Did I say for two nights? Yes, two nights with 16 year old kids..let's hope I don't become and Aunt! HA!

Oh did I mention also that I had to pull this trip out of my behind in a week:)And they say teachers are not miracle workers!

I spoke to the football coach today for my school. I asked about a student, he told me he was done chasing him. (Interesting a teacher, a coach having to chase a student down to get them to do something..gee, that never happens, right?) Of course, I said blindly without thinking, "Sometimes, they should be swallowed!" The coach fell to the floor and laughed..he laughed so hard that he cried. I guess sometimes we just open our mouths and words of wisdom come pouring out! If the kids can say the strangest things, why can't teachers! TEEHEE!

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