Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where have I been?

It has occurred to me that I have been missing in action lately. It was a long week two weeks ago and then it was Spring Break. I had 4 teachers in my house, well five if you count me. We all talked teacher talk, I will tell you it was interesting to hear varying view points. Although one of my friends was not thrilled we talked a lot about job security. She is faced with the fact that she could lose her job at any time for any reason. Well, that is what the business world is about. When you are a teacher, you are supposed to have job security, I mean unless you really suck at your job! And then there are some that have tenure and need to retire already. SO here I am faced with trying to come up with plan B and C just in case they pass this bill into the law..and I am wondering what else am I qualified for? I guess I could do anything but I am wanting to stay in the teaching profession. So I am trying for other options as well as other professions...why is it that when you finally think you are ready to purchase a house, start a family, live in one place for longer than two years, they have to throw the curve ball again? GRRR!

Also, I have not been in the classroom for two whole days so I have nothing interesting to report on that front but I am sure I will go back to the classroom tomorrow with high pitched screams of torment that I made them do work....

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